For that reason, Chopper worked hard growing remedies for problems

Even with without had a personal come across having Caesar Clown (before the end of Punk Hazard Arc), Chopper provides easily mature so you can despise the new resentful researcher after studying the new horrible experiments he presented to the pupils the guy kidnapped (comparable in ways to Dr. Hogback). Not surprisingly, once protecting the kids, Chopper’s hatred of your seems to have decreased somewhat, willing to heal his wounds shortly after their conflict that have Luffy, actually stopping Sanji out-of throwing your throughout the face any more if you are data recovery him (however, the guy performed promote him consent to carry on just after he was over patching your right up). 

Helicopter features also shown admiration for Caesar’s medical possibilities, if perhaps momentarily, immediately following trusting he had been the person who is originally responsible for starting SMILE’s, even getting in touch with him good “genius” (he liked), but rapidly dismisses him after beginning away you to Vegapunk try the person who extremely found it earliest. However, abreast of watching Caesar’s pleasure at how their Koro fuel decimated this new Mink Tribe, Chopper ultimately shed patience with him and you will overcome him right up in person, forcing your and make an enthusiastic antidote with the minks while you are Sanji threatened to damage Caesar’s disembodied heart.

Even after Chopper’s hate regarding Caesar, aforementioned are permitted to boost the reindeer primary the fresh Rumble Basketball algorithm, that have provided Chopper a list of ingredients which can be put to switch enough time maximum regarding their Beast Area.


Helicopter stands against Queen’s creativity and weaponization off widespread disease, considering those individuals strategies highly unsafe and unethical due to the unmanageable characteristics out of worms. The presence of both Mommy and you will Freeze Oni worms shocked Helicopter, who had been in a position to witness its fatal, vicious effects firsthand.

Queen underestimated Chopper’s power to eradicate his worms, as he seen the brand new reindeer as nothing more than a beneficial lowly ship’s doctor. Queen plus thought that Helicopter try fooling the newest subjects regarding his Freeze Oni disease to the vow off a cure on account of his or her own opinions of the world off piracy, in which lies and treachery focus on widespread. Whenever Helicopter managed to establish your completely wrong, but not, King is angered, especially after Helicopter become lecturing your on the medical integrity. Like other most other characters, Queen means Helicopter as the a good tanuki. Helicopter, predictably annoyed about any of it, clarified to help you Queen he was basically, good reindeer, when you find yourself hitting the All-Superstar regarding face whenever given the possibility by Marco.

Whether or not Chopper kept attacking your when you look at the Monster Part, King stayed pompous on the Chopper and admitted he wasn’t using the reindeer seriously for the battle as he try happy to wind up him out of, just before Sanji intervened.

Caesar Clown

On account of their morals, Chopper is infuriated of the individuals who explore fake sickness since guns such as the Monsters Pirates performed on Mummy malware. Inside raid in the Onigashima he had been willing to help allies and you will enemies the same who were contaminated because of the Queen’s Ice Oni and stated that anybody who uses it as a weapon at some point reduce control of it.

Following the timeskip, Helicopter is more prepared to pummelled Luffy getting stupid choice and work out yet still strongly areas your since the master, while the viewed as he witnessed Luffy overcome and you may acquire Surume. Into the Punk Threat, when the babies were drugged by the Caesar Clown, Chopper advised Luffy the necessity of not allowing the youngsters consume brand new “candy” and Luffy respected his education as a doctor.

Following the timeskip, Chopper has been in the admiration of Usopp, since found in Zou as he hugged Usopp just after their reunion.

Just after Franky’s admission on the team, Chopper is surprised by Franky’s innovations (especially the Mini Merry II) and reveals great respect getting him. He’s and additionally inside admiration out of Franky’s automatic muscles, specifically following timeskip. Franky is very much indeed a sister figure into Chopper as well as the cyborg usually allow the doctor ride to your their lead once they is traveling.