You to definitely evening he went to Llechwedd Llyfn, on area regarding Cefn Brith, to hang an effective merry meeting, p

Here once lived-in a remote element of Denbighshire, called Hafod Elwy, a classic harper, entitled Shon Robert, which used to be greet so you’re able to activities to experience to your performers, or perhaps to supplement this new singers. ninety five and it is actually later till the lads and lasses split up. For once the fresh harper wended his way homeward. His street is along side exposed mountain. As he emerged near a pond called Llyndau-ychain, the guy spotted for the their verge a huge palace, clearly lighted. He was considerably surprised at brand new attention, for he had not witnessed such as for example an establishing indeed there prior to. He, although not, continued to your their means, assuming the guy came in top from the gorgeous palace he is actually acclaimed because of the an excellent footman, and you may acceptance to get in. The guy acknowledged the latest invitation, and you can try ushered toward a spectacular room, where a grand baseball had been held. Which hallway try splendidly furnished. The piece of furniture are of the most extremely costly content, many things have been made out-of solid-gold. A waiter passed him a golden mug full of sparkling wines, which the harper joyfully quaffed. He was following asked to play with the team, and that he did with the reveal fulfillment of site visitors. By and by among the many providers took Shon Roberts hat bullet and accumulated currency on the harpers work with, and you may lead it back once again to him filled with gold-and-silver. The meal is actually proceeded with higher pomp and merriment up to nearby the start regarding day, whenever, one at a time, the latest site visitors gone away, as well as last Shon is actually leftover by yourself. Seeing a magnificent chair near, the guy placed themselves thereon, and you may is actually in the near future timely sleeping. The guy don’t conscious until mid-day, and then, to help you his wonder, he receive themselves lying with the a heap regarding heather, the fresh new grand palace got disappeared out, together with gold-and-silver, which he got transported out-of his hat the night in advance of to your their bag, is actually changed to withered will leave.

The new website visitors surrounded the latest harper and you will turned really friendly, and, to his ponder, managed him by name

The following facts explained from the Rev. R. Jones shows that those who experience good Fairy dancing know not just how go out seats.

p. 93 5. A great About three Period Fairy Dancing seeming since the a few momemts.

New Rev. R. Joness mom, when an early single woman, become you to definitely evening regarding a house titled Tyddyn Heilyn, Penrhyndeudraeth, so you’re able to the lady house, Penrhyn isaf, followed closely by the servant guy, David Williams, entitled due to his higher fuel and you will stature, Dafydd Fawr, Big David. David is carrying house on the his back a beneficial flitch from bacon. The night was black, however, relaxed. Williams walked some in the rear of his younger mistress, and you will she, thought he had been following the, ran upright home. But about three hours passed before David featured towards pork into the his back.

He had been interrogated from what reason for his impede, plus address said he’d merely become three times after their more youthful mistress. He had been informed you to she had arrived around three hours ahead of him, however, so it David would not believe. In detail, however, he had been convinced that he had been completely wrong in his day, and then he went on so you can make up their lagging behind because the follows:-

The guy seen, the guy said, a super meteor passageway through the air, which had been accompanied by a band otherwise hoop from flame, and you will contained in this hoop stood a guy and woman out-of small dimensions, handsomely outfitted. That have one case it welcomed both, along with the most other it grabbed hold of this new hoop, in addition to their legs rested into the concave surface of band. If hoop hit the planet these beings jumped aside of it, and you can quickly continued and also make a group on the ground. Once this was complete, countless men and women quickly seemed, and also to brand new sweetest sounds one to ear canal heard commenced moving bullet and you will all over community. The newest eyes is very entrancing the son resided, as he think, a few momemts so you can witness the view. The ground all over try lit up by the a form of discreet white, p. 94 in which he seen most of the direction of these beings. By and by the fresh new meteor which in fact had initially lured their appeal searched once more, and therefore the fiery hoop found view, and when they reached in which the moving was, the girl and you will gentleman who’d found its way to it popped toward brand new hoop, and you can vanished in the same way where that they had attained the place. Immediately after its deviation this new Fairies vanished off sight, therefore the man found himself by yourself plus darkness, and then he continued homewards. In this way the guy taken into account his delay on route.